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FINALLY, a PROVEN system to help you create value-based packages, raise your rates and close more sales so that you experience more financial and spiritual abundance in your business!



Hello, Incredible One….

Are you ready to:

  • Stop trading hours for dollars
  • Find more of your ideal clients who are clear on your value and ready to pay you
  • Learn how to have successful client producing sales conversations so that you can get your amazing work further into the world?



The Get Paid Home Study Course

How to Package, Price and Successfully Close the Sale in One High Content Course

Could you get excited about learning how to once and for all, step by step, configure your packages, set your prices and have successful selling conversations? If you answered yes, I definitely know EXACTLY how you feel. When I learned how to package, price and successfully sell my services, my business really took off. I mean seriously. I went from $20,000 in income in 2008 to $1,000,000 in 2014 largely due to creating valuable packages with the right prices and learning how to convert more contacts into paying coaching contracts with an easy to follow “from contacts to contracts.” checklist. And now I want to help you do the same.

Only $997

ioe-add-to-cartIf you don’t invest in this program, how will you learn how to master the sales conversation? I believe that marketing strategy is the most important business building skill that you need to get paid in today’s marketplace. Marketing is like oxygen for your business, if you don’t have marketing, your business will die. And sadly, most entrepreneurs never master this business building skill…. I am going to reveal the exact strategies that I use in my own business. In this home study course, you’ll enjoy 6 Modules:

Module 1: Clarify Your Ideal Client

Module 1 Clarify Your Ideal Client

  • How to identify the right client for you that is ready, willing and able to pay you what you deserve to be paid for the solution you will offer.
  • How to build your ideal client must to use in all of your marketing so that you start having meaningful conversations with your prospects which will help them become your paying clients.

Module 2: Shift Your Money Consciousness

Module 2 Shift Your Money Consciousness

  • How to shift your relationship with money
  • How to determine your numbers and what you need to know before you ever begin to set your prices
  • How to clarify the reason why you desire to charge more in your business
  • How to quickly upgrade your money mindset

Module 3: Package Your Incredible Factor


  • How to end the “hours for dollars” rat race
  • How to create packages that will be perceived as valuable but introduce your business to leverage
  • What to add and remove to your packages
  • What to guarantee and how to choose effective bonuses to increase the number of “yes” you get to working with you

Module 4: Price Your Incredible Factor

Module 4 Price Your Incredible Factor

  • How to create your money map so that you can clarify what you HAVE to charge to build your lifestyle
  • Determining your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators – they govern your pricing strategy)
  • How to ensure you enjoy a profit margin of at least 60% at all times
  • Which pricing strategy is best for your business model and how to avoid getting caught in the others
  • Pricing templates to make setting your prices and payment options easy

Module 5: Close the Sale Easily and Effortlessly

close-up of a businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman

  • My coveted 10-step process (four phases) that closes the sale over 80% of the time when you’re talking with your ideal clients
  • The four phases of every sales conversation that you must master Phase 1: Set Expectations and Build Rapport Phase 2: Discover the Cost of the Problem Phase 3: Transition from Problem to Possibility Of a Solution Phase 4: Offer Your Solution
  • I also share what to do before and after a sales conversation to influence more success and sales
  • My proven discovery session outline that you can use and model to make your sales conversations new client successful!

Module 6: Create Your 90 Day New Client Marketing Plan

Module 6 Create Your 90 Day New Client Marketing Plan

  • A proven plan you can follow for the next 90 days to fill your practice with ideal, paying clients
  • I’ve written your marketing plan for you!


Only $997


>>> Plus, if you act now, you’ll get these 3 amazing Bonuses! <<<

Bonus 1: Discounted Ticket to an Incredible One Live Event (up to $997 value)

For investing in this business-changing course you’ll get a 50% discounted ticket to join Darnyelle at one of her signature live events for uncompromising entrepreneurs and business owners. You will learn things such as core mindset, marketing and sales strategies that will influence your business success. Get out of your own way so that you can truly benefit from your Incredible Factor and discover the missing link to more cash in your business!

Bonus 2: Be the Talent ($497 value)

This exciting exercise is only available to my clients or students.  You can’t get access to this anywhere else.  Be The Talent will help you once and for all to identify your areas of core brilliance, which will ultimately transfer to the countless topics you will speak about to audiences around the world.

Bonus 3: Lifetime Access to the Private Get Paid Forum (Value: Priceless)

You’ll get access to an exclusive and highly collaborative forum where you can meet all your peers in the program via an easy-to-use Facebook group. Here, you’ll get even more feedback, accountability, brainstorming and resources than you could imagine. Plus, the advanced networking opportunities will be a gift that keeps on giving, as you establish strong connections for affiliates and joint ventures.


Only $997


This Home Study Course is for you if:

  • You’re unclear of how to stop trading hours for dollars
  • You know you add value but your checkbook doesn’t say so
  • You can lead a client to the sales conversation but you can’t get them to close
  • You’ve been struggling to get clear on who your offerings are for  (ideal client drama)
  • You’re not sure if what you’re offering is value-based

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It would be my pleasure to guide you through this process over the next 8 weeks!

Be Incredible,

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P.S. This may sound strange, but it doesn’t matter to us if you invest in Get Paid Home Study Course or not. (We’re not here to serve the folks we’re not meant to serve, and if that’s not you, that’s okay.) However, it DOES matter to us that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, grab your seat and learn our system for creating big paydays with clients who are ready, willing and able to pay you top dollar for your hard-earned expertise.

P.P.S. One last question – if you don’t invest in this home study course, how will you master packaging, pricing and closing the sale so that you move the needle in your business?

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